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RFP: AMERCIAN SPACES - 3D Design and Prototype program for young people.

SAPF • 27 May 2024

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Southern Africa Philanthropy Foundation (SAPF), formerly known as CAF Southern Africa (SAPF), has been represented in South Africa, since 1997, and was formally registered in 2000.


SAPF is a registered non-profit organisation (NPO) with Public-Benefit Organisation (PBO) status. SAPF is a civil society infrastructure organisation which operates as an intermediary at the intersection of philanthropy and civil society.

The primary goal of this funding opportunity is to foster stronger ties and build relationships between the United States of America and South Africa through activities at American Spaces in Gauteng, that increase understanding, connections, and the sharing of information and ideas between Americans and South Africans at the people-to-people level.

SAPF has been awarded a grant by the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Pretoria to manage youth development programming at their American Spaces.

SAPF is pleased to announce this call for proposals from organizations, institutions, and individuals with experience in delivering 3D Design and prototype program for young people. The program will be implemented at the American Corner Pretoria as part of a larger focus on STEM programming for youth.


The American Corner Pretoria (ACP), created in partnership with the City of Tshwane, is situated in the heart of Pretoria at the Es'kia Mpahlele Library. The young visitors to the American Corner tend to be between 18-35 years. A majority have completed matric, others are university students and still others are unemployed and not currently studying or in training. The American Corner comprises two lecture/training rooms which range in capacity from accommodating 20 to 60 individuals. The space also boasts a makers space, art room and podcast booth. ACP provides high-speed Internet access and state of the art equipment (e.g. access to computers and tablets for a limited number of young people), together with print and digital resources. In addition to the physical space, they also run online courses, lectures and share opportunities with patrons.

Goals and Objectives of the program – 3D Design and Prototyping Program:

We are calling for proposals for the design and implementation of a 3D design and prototype program for young innovators and entrepreneurs (ages 18-35) which will provide them with skills to turn their invention idea into a product that can be used to solve real world/everyday problems and taken to market.

The broad objectives for this program include:

  • Participants acquire entrepreneurship skills.
  • Participants develop their idea which attempts to solve a real world/every day problem.
  • Participants gain a thorough understanding of how to develop a product based business from idea to prototype/ product.
  • Participants learn how to use a 3D printer and develop a prototype of their product or invention using the ACP 3D printer.
  • The curriculum demonstrates U.S. best practice and/or includes U.S. curriculum/ speakers or in some way promotes U.S. Developed knowledge.

The proposal must:

  • Include how the program will promote SA and U.S. Linkages, for instance include curriculum or links to American content/ speakers/ applications/ resources.
  • Address recruitment and how new audience will be recruited for/ through the program.
  • Include references and evidence to prior programming to be supplied.
  • Candidates should preferably be Pretoria based or at the least,
    Gauteng based.


Length of performance period:

The program could take place over a series of weeks, or less regularly over a series of months, depending on how the implementing partner recommends the program timetable be structured. The timetable would need to take into account the likelihood of participants' availability, what would achieve the greatest outcomes for the participants, and how it aligns with the space and other programming.

Note ACP is open during business hours during the week and on Saturday mornings. The program would begin in June 2024 and would need to be completed by no later than mid September 2023.


Award amounts:

The total available for this program is R90 000.

Project costs should be aligned with project scope and budgets must be realistic.


Proposal Submission Process:

Applicants should complete the form downloadable from this link – APPLICATION FORM LINK.docx including the detailed budget plan, and providing all requested supporting documents and information. Completed applications and attached supporting documents should be emailed to using the following email subject line: ACP 3D Design & Prototyping Application – [name of applicant]. Incomplete applications – including those missing mandatory supporting documentation – will not be considered.


Deadline for Submissions:

Applications are due by midnight on 9 June 2024  - Late applications will not be considered.


Selection Process and Criteria:

Proposals will be reviewed by a selection committee made up of representatives of SAPF and the U.S. Embassy and evaluated based on all of the following criteria:

  • the clarity of the proposed program or activities and the realistic nature of the timeline for those activities;
  • the clarity of the proposed audience for engagement and the likelihood that said audience can realistically be engaged and effected as proposed by the program activities;
  • the likelihood that those activities will achieve the stated goals and objectives of the project within the timeline;
  • the likelihood that the program/activities will achieve the stated goals and objectives of this call for proposals (see “Goals and Objectives” section above);
  • the relevance of the program to the priority areas noted above;
  • the reasonableness and relevance of the proposed budget;
  • the alignment of the proposal with all restrictions and requirements described in this call for proposals and in the Sub-Grantee Application Form.

Supplier Documents

Prospective implementing partners are required to submit the following documents, where applicable together with the application form:

  • VAT Registration Certificate
  • Company Registration documents
  • Directors IDs
  • B-BBEE Certificate
  • Valid Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Website and social media links
  • Representative contact Details (Name / Telephone Number / Email Address)

The selection committee will meet as needed to evaluate received proposals and will inform applicants as soon as possible if their proposal was selected for funding or not and at what level. Questions about the application process or the details of this call for proposal should be submitted by email to with the subject line: ACP 3D design & prototyping Application – QUESTIONS.

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